Home theater


Quality equipment and installation services to meet all your surround sound needs

From small and discreet surround sound systems to the bold and large equipment that can bring the movie theater into your home, we have it covered. Let us design and plan your very own home theater system with options such as discreet in-ceiling speakers, book shelve or floor standing speakers, 7.1 channel home theater receivers and much more.

Planning your dream system
Our professional staff will work with you and your designer or builder to bring the vision to reality, first we gather all the details and ideas you have in order to plan a system that delivers exactly what you have in mind.

Pre-wiring your home theater
Next we coordinate with your contractor to get all the wiring run for your new home theater, our experienced installation crew will then pre-wire the room according to your approved design with the exact location of speakers and equipment placement.

Installing the gear
Once your home is almost completed out skilled team will return to install the equipment, accessories and complete any details that may need to be done.

Final install and training
Upon moving in our team will begin the final installation and set up of your new equipment along with programming and teaching you and your family how to operate the new home theater system.